Skimz BR83 DC Biopellet Reactor

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* For Indian Pincodes only

Skimz BR83 DC Biopellet Reactor is fitted with a VSC1200-DC (1,200l/h) pump that lets you control the flowrate using the variable speed controller and can hold up to 400ml of Biopellet media. The BR83’s bracket can be used as a hang-on or attach horizontally to the brace of the tank. The bracket will fit up to 19mm thick glass or acrylic.

Together with the bottom-fed conical design, it helps to keep the Biopellet media in constant motion and prevent clumping.

Skimz DC Biopellet Reactor available in three sizes: BR83, BR103 and BR153.


L120 x D150 x H420


VSC1200-DC (1,200 l/h)

Total Watts:


Media Capacity:

up to 400 ml Biopellet

For aquarium:

up to 400 L

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